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RegTech – Digitalisation of regulatory requirements

RegTech is a new regulatory technology that aims at addressing regulatory challenges in financial services by using innovative technology solutions. This new sub-area of FinTech leverages artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing, big data and blockchain technology to save financial institutions significant time and resources and ensure that they meet the current regulatory requirements. It ensures that the business works more efficiently and is more cost-effective, even under the steady increase in regulatory requirements and enforcements.

Investment compliance (IC) is one of the most important risk mitigating activities of any investment management firm. The risks arising from the violation of investment restrictions, including resulting reputational risks, can be significant. In addition, the disbursements in the event of a violation can substantially harm profitability. The regulatory requirement for the quality of investment compliance, both in terms of auditing and documentation, has increased noticeably in recent years.

etac, developed by our business and software development experts, is an innovative industry-standardised and sustainable solution for our customers and the answer to the aforementioned challenges.





No impact from changing source systems


Real time

Personalised visuals

Supporting management process

Artifical Intelligence

Active breach confidence level

Differentiation between data issue & actual alert

Anomaly detection


Minimisation of human error

Optimisation of resources and processes

Improving your firm’s cost-to-income ratio


etac (EPICTec automated compliance) is a software application focused on the process digitalisation in the financial industry. Its primary aim is the automation and streamlining of business processes, error minimisation and measurable quality improvement as well as cost reductions. Tedious manual work can be significantly reduced and people can focus on value-adding tasks. etac will assure seamless investment compliance monitoring and reporting also in case of a change of the source system. At the moment, etac helps its customers to efficiently fulfill regulatory requirements in investment compliance and optimises the collaboration with external auditors. The application has a modular architecture and the main modules are:

  • Investment Compliance Monitoring: monitoring and tracking of IC-breaches supported by AI, anomaly detection, automated workflows (i.e. escalation process), external auditor functionality
  • Investment Policy Management: assure completeness of portfolios, rule definitions and rules for IC Monitoring. Keep complete track of all changes.
  • Rule Library: provides real-time overview of the status of rule definitions, ensuring audit-compliant test documentation
  • Risk Monitoring: monitoring of fixed or variable risk indicators, e.g. fund floor price limit (“Wertuntergrenze”)
  • Investment Compliance Migration Management: tackle specific project oriented tasks in case of an implementation or migration of source systems such as accounting or portfolio management systems
  • Business Process Engineering: BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation) functionality that supports the development, optimisation, implementation, and the actual practical use of lean business processes for investment controlling, fund business and other applications. Process and data is stored in one system, making your processes more efficient, stable as well as audit-proof and saving you countless excel files and lists.